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Traditional leadership as a basis for local government and coexistence

16 Feb 17
Throughout the country, especially in and around metropolitan areas, spontaneous service delivery protests are happening with increasing frequency.…

Don’t take government bullying lying down

25 Jan 17
Through both apathy and fear, South Africa’s businessmen and women have allowed local law making to become hopelessly inconsistent with the doctrine of ‘the rule of law’, a principle that underpins our entire Constitution.…

Business Day column: Common ground lies beyond the labels

22 Sep 16   Leon Louw
HERMAN Mashaba, lesser devil, or greater angel? Will he succeed or fail as Johannesburg’s new mayor?…

Business Day column: Why rape and expropriation should not pit us against each other

29 Aug 16   Leon Louw
WHAT do rape and expropriation have in common? No, not that expropriation is "economic" rape. Physical rape is infinitely worse.…

Business Day column: State’s transformation ideas are really blatantly anti-transformation

23 Jun 16   Leon Louw
RACIAL equality through "transformation" is obviously a bad idea.…