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Black Friday: A celebration of economic freedom

 03 Dec 18
Today is the latest iteration of the Black Friday phenomenon, with ordinary people rushing to store to cash in on the best deals, spending their hard-earned money.…

Blame political elite for poverty and lack of economic freedom

 13 Jun 18
There has been much talk recently about the "inadequacy" of SA’s 1994 political transition, which led to the 1996 Constitution.…

Taxing people into poverty

20 Mar 18  
Tax has been a part of human history for millennia. There are records of farmers in ancient Egypt giving up a portion of their crops and peasants having to provide some of their labour freely to the Pharaoh.…

Economic growth requires an environment in which prices are freely formed

24 Jan 18   Eustace Davie
Prices, when left alone, “miraculously” direct all resources, including labour and capital, to their most productive uses.…