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Taxing people into poverty

 20 Mar 18
Tax has been a part of human history for millennia. There are records of farmers in ancient Egypt giving up a portion of their crops and peasants having to provide some of their labour freely to the Pharaoh.…

Economic growth requires an environment in which prices are freely formed

 24 Jan 18
Prices, when left alone, “miraculously” direct all resources, including labour and capital, to their most productive uses.…

Does government want healthier, wealthier citizens?

09 Nov 17   Jasson Urbach
How serious is government about wanting South Africans to become healthier and wealthier and for everyone to have access to a high-quality healthcare system?…

The higher the growth, the better human wellbeing

08 Nov 17   Temba A Nolutshungu
That better human wellbeing is the outcome of higher economic growth is illustrated by the findings published in The Economic Freedom of the World report.…

SAA: Change the incentives

01 Nov 17   James Peron
The mess that is South African Airlines is widely known today. What many do not realise is that Yale University, in 1944, published a little book, which lays out the reasons for the mess.…

Is wealth inequality a problem?

18 Oct 17   Chris Hattingh
Why is wealth inequality such a pressing moral problem? As in many other pieces by others,…

KPMG and the loss of ethics

04 Oct 17   Chris Hattingh
Now that KPMG has ‘come clean’ on its murky dealings with the Guptas,…

Media release: Good news: SA’s economic freedom slightly improved

28 Sep 17   FMF Media Release
“Where people are free to pursue their own opportunities and make their own choices, they lead more prosperous, happier and healthier lives,” said Fred McMahon, Dr. Michael A. Walker Research Chair in Economic Freedom with the Fraser Institute.…

Media release: Government interference will drive data prices up, not down

08 Aug 17  
The #datamustfall campaign is dangerous populist disinformation that has government ministers, ICASA and the communications portfolio committee trying to force price control on the private sector, based on a social media campaign and a false meme.…

Capitalism: The only radical choice

26 Jul 17   Chris Hattingh
What does the sugar tax; an increased minimum drinking age; National Health Insurance; a wealth tax; the spectre of White Monopoly Capital; state capture; tenders; and repeated attempts to stoke racial tension by politicians have in common?…

Media release: DataMustFall: Fake news

03 Jul 17   FMF Media Release
#DataMustFall campaigners are guilty of cherry-picking to make a point that is set to undermine one of post-apartheid’s few success stories.…

Data – let each provider decide for themselves

23 Jun 17   Chris Hattingh
The #DataMustFall campaign has been relatively quiet in recent months, after the flurry of calls for greedy companies such as MTN and Vodacom to do away with a basic, moral tenet of business: making a profit.…

Media release: Johannesburg hosts Africa Liberty Forum – a first for South Africa

22 May 17   FMF Media Release
This week on 24 and 25 May in Johannesburg, the Free Market Foundation (FMF) together with US organisations *Atlas Network and sponsor The John Templeton Foundation, will host the Africa Liberty Forum,…