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Media release: Things are worse than they seem: error in World Bank data sees SA slip further in EFW 2018 rankings

 11 Oct 18
South Africa now ranks 110 out of 162 in the Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) 2018 index. It had been reported that SA’s ranking was 94. However, following an error in World Bank data, spotted and investigated by Free Market Foundation’s (FMF) Eus…

South Africa is not capitalist, but needs to be

 04 Apr 18
To say that South Africa is a capitalist society is popular among journalists, politicians, and trade unionists.…

Don’t allow altruism to blind you to the economic laws that govern labour

01 Nov 17   Jessica Canada Wellman
In the debate over minimum wage, people often become distracted by their inner altruism and ignore the logic behind the economic laws that govern labour markets and the macroeconomy of South Africa.…