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Policymakers, is there no compassion for the unemployed?

 05 Oct 18
Unemployment has been a national crisis for too long leaving 9.4 million South Africans unemployed.…

Job Seekers Exemption Certificates: Just Let Me Work!

 02 May 18
Government should help the jobless to help themselves by removing the obstacles that prevent them from selling their labour at the best price and under the best conditions they can find.…

Set South Africa’s forgotten people free – in defence of the unemployed

21 Feb 18   Eustace Davie
Mr Ramaphosa, like most South Africans I am relieved that you have ascended to the country’s highest political post.…

A message for Cyril about the 9.422 million unemployed – Just Let Them Work!

21 Dec 17   Temba A Nolutshungu
I address this article to Cyril Ramaphosa, the newly elected President of the ANC en route to the Presidency of South Africa.…

Failure to respect constitutional rights causes mass unemployment

06 Dec 17   Eustace Davie
South Africa’s unemployed people are subjected to the appalling indignity of being denied the right to negotiate freely with potential employers who, in turn, are prevented by the labour laws from employing them on mutually agreeable terms.…