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Business Day column: Zuma: a terrorist to some, beyond reproach according to others

 13 Apr 17
Is President Jacob Zuma a terrorist? Maybe, according to legal expert Ivan Herselman.…

Business Day column: ICT policy matters because the internet will be everything

28 Mar 17   Leon Louw
Spats about facts can be confusing. Communications Minister Siyabonga Cwele, for instance, accused me of being "wrong" about the formulation of incredibly important telecommunications policy.…

Business Day column: Difficult times do not turn a bad budget into a good one

08 Mar 17   Leon Louw
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan addresses a briefing ahead of his budget speech.…

Business Day column: Hate speech law may well curb all manner of freedoms

22 Feb 17   Leon Louw
Beware — if the hateful hate speech bill is enacted, telling someone that they induce the episodic levator ani syndrome variant of proctalgia funaxal sacrococcygeal distress in your pubococcygeus could have you jailed for a whole three years.…

Business Day column: ICT infrastructure plan could take irregular spending to new heights

07 Dec 16   Leon Louw
According to the auditor-general’s latest report, there was R27bn in "irregular" spending last year.…

Business Day column: A hugely important victory for South African labour

06 Dec 16   Leon Louw
IT MIGHT have been the most expensive day in South African high court history.…

Business Day column: Voters no longer ‘blindly loyal’ as SA heads for democratic maturity

12 Aug 16   Leon Louw
SA COMES of age today. It is election day. Historians might look back on today as the day on which SA achieved democratic maturity.…

Business Day column: Pro-market miracle is not out of our reach

27 Jul 16   Leon Louw
OUR government is serious about turning us into one of the world’s richest countries. When our communist Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, counter-intuitively assures investors that "we’re open for business", he means it.…