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Property rights our most important fight in South Africa

01 Feb 17
For South Africans to buiald their communities, increase their wealth and make better lives for their children, their private property rights have to be secure, free from interference by others and any political force.…

Capitalism and force

10 Aug 16
Capitalism is the only social/economic system that gives us all freedom of choice because it removes the element of force, and this is why it is the only moral system.…

Piketty recommends a worldwide 80 percent tax rate

13 Jul 16   Chris Hattingh
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty’s popular socio-economic analysis of the state of the world, views capitalism as a deeply flawed socio-economic system.…

Idiot’s guide to the financial crisis

20 Jun 16   Leon Louw
US low-income (subprime) housing policy. The US federal government decides, rightly in my view, to have private housing for the poor…