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Treasury undermines the Constitution with SAA appropriation bill

 21 Sep 17
With a national consensus developing around the needless existence of an unprofitable national airline,…

SA should opt out of international customs that violate the Rule of Law

 29 Aug 17
As a general rule, international law is South African law. There are, however, a few quirks in diplomatic and political customs between nations that should not be tolerated in the Republic of South Africa.…

Reckless amendments to the Constitution will be illegal

12 Jul 17   Martin van Staden
Calls to chop and change our Constitution amount to little more than spur-of-the-moment political kneejerks.…

Institutions must remain mindful of their core mandate

27 Jun 17   Martin van Staden
Institutions and the rule of law are the essential elements that protect individual South Africans from the excesses and abuses of state power.…

Making America great again

14 Jun 17   Temba A Nolutshungu
Liberty is what made the United States of America different from the rest of the world. It was at the core of America’s historical greatness and the fundamental value of its people.…

The Hate Speech Bill: another instalment in the march towards tyranny

22 May 17   Rex van Schalkwyk
A curious right that has emerged from the rights culture of the past 70 years is the right to be not offended.…

Media Release: New agricultural land reform bill seeks redistribution rather than restitution and is unconstitutional

02 May 17   FMF Media Release
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) says that new land reform provisions contained in the Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill,…

Lipservice or participatory democracy?

12 Apr 17   Martin van Staden
The subjugation of black South Africans to arbitrary, discretionary rule by officialdom and the whims of politicians was one of the hallmarks of apartheid.…

South Africa’s Rule of Quasi-Law

05 Apr 17   Martin van Staden
Quasi-law has become the norm in South Africa, with Parliament acting as a delegator of powers rather than the representative law-making body it is supposed to be.…

Don’t take government bullying lying down

25 Jan 17   Martin van Staden
Through both apathy and fear, South Africa’s businessmen and women have allowed local law making to become hopelessly inconsistent with the doctrine of ‘the rule of law’, a principle that underpins our entire Constitution.…

Business Day column: A hugely important victory for South African labour

06 Dec 16   Leon Louw
IT MIGHT have been the most expensive day in South African high court history.…

Media release: Concerned organisations submit joint comment on the draft Liquor Amendment Bill

01 Dec 16   FMF Media Release
A joint comment on the Draft Liquor Amendment Bill was submitted by the following organisations to the DTI Director-General on Wednesday, November 30…

Business Day column: Spare us the farcical forums and pretend policy powwows

30 Nov 16   Leon Louw
Farcical "workshops", "consultations", "seminars" and "indabas" parade as compliance with the constitutional requirement that laws and policies must be preceded and influenced by public participation.…