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Media release: For radical economic transformation in energy, adopt the 1998 White Paper

 26 May 17
In almost every sector of the South African economy, radical economic transformation (RET) is urgently required.…

Media release: ANC Conference must adopt real radical economic transformation – not more of the same paternal statism

 16 May 17
Radical economic transformation (RET) is President Zuma and the ANC’s current and dominant mantra, but few outside government understand what this really means.…

Higher economic freedom lifts up the poor

09 May 17   Jasson Urbach
OXFAM’S motto is “the power of people against poverty”.…

The National Minimum Wage will deepen South Africa’s unemployment crisis

19 Apr 17   David Ansara
The proposed National Minimum Wage (NMW), due to come into force on 1 May 2018, is a quick fix to a systemic problem that will artificially increase salaries for those who already have a job, rather than create more jobs.…

Media release: We cannot afford to experiment with our future

06 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
“Data is the new currency” * said Chuck Robbins, CEO Cisco Systems and continued, “Data growth is fueling economies, sparking innovation and unleashing waves of creativity.”…

A buzzing economy helps keep malaria at bay

30 Sep 16   Jasson Urbach
EVERY nation gets the government it deserves, the 18th century French philosopher Joseph de Maistre wrote.…

Commentary on Output and Employment in the South African Economy

29 Sep 16   Dr Richard J. Grant
The Economic Freedom of the World annual report for 2016, released in mid-September, shows that South Africa has continued to decline in economic freedom across all five major measured categories.…

How will the proposed sugar tax impact spaza shops which employ 360,000 people and rely on soft drink sales?

21 Sep 16   Chris Hattingh
The next Coca Cola you drink will cost you more. So, too, will that energy drink you down after a hard workout.…

Corruption and economic stagnation are to be expected as SA plummets to 105

15 Sep 16   Dr Richard J. Grant
The Economic Freedom of the World Index (EFW) is a positive indicator for desirable living conditions.…

Business Day column: Pro-market miracle is not out of our reach

27 Jul 16   Leon Louw
OUR government is serious about turning us into one of the world’s richest countries. When our communist Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, counter-intuitively assures investors that "we’re open for business", he means it.…