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The private medical scheme is in an extremely precarious situation

 05 Mar 18
The Competition Commission’s Health Market Inquiry (HMI) into private healthcare confirmed – at great expense – what many people have known for years: the private medical scheme market is in an extremely precarious situation caused by government poli…

Media release: Medical insurance Demarcation Regulations – latest attack on personal freedom by heavy handed state

16 Jan 18   FMF Media Release
Increasing state regulation is an insidious assault on personal freedom as more areas of citizens’ lives are subjected to government interference as a means to achieve government’s ideological ends,” said Leon Louw, Free Market Foundation (FMF) execu…

Media release: Demarcation Regulations for the healthcare insurance sector are an attack on the black middle class

05 Dec 17   FMF Media Release
The rise of the black middle class is a South African success story. Why is government clamping down on their freedom of choice?…

Healthcare Demarcation Regulations remove low cost benefit options for poor

08 Nov 17   Jasson Urbach
Prior to the enactment of the Medical Schemes Act in 1998, South Africa had a relatively free market in medical aids.…

Media release: Healthcare Demarcation Regulations remove low cost benefit options for poor

11 Oct 17   FMF Media Release
Government’s healthcare demarcation regulations came into effect on 1 April 2017.…

Taking the NHI debate to new levels

11 Oct 17   Dr Johann Serfontein
The concept of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a noble initiative and receives widespread support in South Africa.…

Government’s programmes will violate right to access healthcare

04 Oct 17   Martin van Staden
Government’s National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme and Demarcation Regulations are unequivocal violations of South Africans’ constitutional rights to freedom of association and access to healthcare.…

Reforming South Africa’s proposed healthcare financing reforms

06 Sep 17   Jasson Urbach
This paper by FMF Director Jasson Urbach asks an important question: Is South Africa capable of providing “free health care for all”?…

Media release: Critical details still missing on NHI and too few tax payers to shoulder NHI funding burden

19 Jul 17  
The national health insurance (NHI) policy paper is pure déjà vu. We are no closer to understanding critical details, such as how much the scheme will cost and from where the money to pay for it will come.…

Media release: Radical healthcare transformation: Bring healthcare back to the people and away from government

12 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
Affordable and quality healthcare is critically important to fight unemployment and poverty and achieve radical economic transformation.…