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A trend that builds a nation

 25 Apr 18
Two major studies on poverty in South Africa have caused understandable alarums this last year.…

Taxing people into poverty

 20 Mar 18
Tax has been a part of human history for millennia. There are records of farmers in ancient Egypt giving up a portion of their crops and peasants having to provide some of their labour freely to the Pharaoh.…

Poverty and inequality: Heed Mandela and follow the Zimbabwe example

20 Mar 18   Jasson Urbach
South Africa must learn from the Zimbabwe experience. During 2009 - 2013 when Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC was running the finance portfolio, Zimbabwe lifted all foreign exchange (forex) and price controls…

Media release: Oxfam or Oxscam? Inequality propoganda exposed

16 Feb 18   FMF Media Release
“Oxfam should be renamed Oxscam as they disseminate false news and failed ideological propaganda, and promote policies that, contrary to their stated goals, maximise poverty and inequality and minimise prosperity for all.…

Oxfam cares about the rich not the poor

07 Feb 18   Andrew Kenny
Oxfam, a rich charity based in London, must surely qualify as the biggest hypocrite on Earth and, worse, offers only policies that will harm the poor.…