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Government land is central to land reform

22 Mar 17
With politicians spewing anti-property rights rhetoric, we could but wonder what exactly sets the democratic government apart from the former apartheid regime.…

Business Day column: How can Friedman be so obtuse about free market group?

25 Jan 17
If you hang us, hang us for crimes we committed, is my response to Prof Steven Friedman’s diatribe against Herman Mashaba and the Free Market Foundation (FMF). It is virtually all nonsense.…

RDP housing inadequate for transformation

15 Dec 16   Martin van Staden
Most people would agree that racial discrimination characterised apartheid.…

Khaya Lam: Urban housing is the most urgent South African land reform issue

05 May 16   Eustace Davie
South Africans can make a tremendous contribution towards peace and prosperity in the country.…