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Making America great again

 14 Jun 17
Liberty is what made the United States of America different from the rest of the world. It was at the core of America’s historical greatness and the fundamental value of its people.…

Media release: Johannesburg hosts Africa Liberty Forum – a first for South Africa

 22 May 17
This week on 24 and 25 May in Johannesburg, the Free Market Foundation (FMF) together with US organisations *Atlas Network and sponsor The John Templeton Foundation, will host the Africa Liberty Forum,…

Take advice from Deng Xiaoping and Nelson Mandela on economic growth

10 May 17   Temba A Nolutshungu
For the achievement of individual freedom, being compatible with human nature and conduct in pursuit of lofty socioeconomic goals and happiness and based on empirical evidence, the free market is, without a doubt, the best arrangement of economic and…