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Media release: Congratulations SA tax payers – you can now keep your own money

 10 May 18
Before you earn a cent, government takes a chunk out of your pay packet in taxes.…

Media release: DTPS ECA Bill – void for vagueness and therefore probably unconstitutional

 26 Apr 18
“The controversial Electronic Communications Amendment (ECA) Bill is void for vagueness and therefore probably unconstitutional in its current form and unlikely to become law,” said Free Market Foundation executive director Leon Louw in an FMF media…

Media release: Oxfam or Oxscam? Inequality propoganda exposed

16 Feb 18   FMF Media Release
“Oxfam should be renamed Oxscam as they disseminate false news and failed ideological propaganda, and promote policies that, contrary to their stated goals, maximise poverty and inequality and minimise prosperity for all.…

Media release: ECA Bill is anti-competitive, unconstitutional and will raise data prices

15 Jan 18   FMF Media Release
The proposed Electronic Communications Amendment (ECA) Bill, 2017 is part of the legislation required to implement the Department of Transport and Postal Services’ (DTPS) contentious Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy White Paper…

Media release: ECA Bill signals the end of post-apartheid SA’s greatest success story

06 Dec 17   FMF Media Release
“A contentious new Bill that heralds higher data prices and reduced quality of service for consumers of data of any kind on cell phone,…

Media release: Ominous trend of presenting critical Bills for public comment just before Christmas continues with Electronic Communications Amendment Bill and four others

22 Nov 17   FMF Media Release
The impact for consumers and the economy in terms of access to new technologies, quality of service and the price of data, is significant.…

Media release: R10 billion is not enough – let’s get real about SAA

15 Nov 17   FMF Media Release
Let’s get real about SAA. In among the hype, speculation about the new CEO and board, the latest of 9 turn around plans, Gigaba’s talk of local and international strategic equity partners and of “saving SAA”, there is a blindingly obvious elephant -…

Media release: Open letter from Free Market Foundation to Minister Gigaba re action for SAA – and a wager

23 Oct 17   FMF Media Release
We trust this letter is in time to influence your Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) on 25 October with regard to SAA.…

Media release: SAA is dead in the water – why bother with a bailout?

20 Sep 17   FMF Media Release
Who is fooling whom? Government seems to have lost the plot over SAA.…

Media release: Government interference will drive data prices up, not down

08 Aug 17  
The #datamustfall campaign is dangerous populist disinformation that has government ministers, ICASA and the communications portfolio committee trying to force price control on the private sector, based on a social media campaign and a false meme.…

Media release: 58 Theewaterskloof municipality tenants find true economic transformation in a title deed and home ownership

25 Jul 17  
Today, 25 July 2017, 58 township residents will take the first step towards true economic empowerment…

Media release: DataMustFall: Fake news

03 Jul 17   FMF Media Release
#DataMustFall campaigners are guilty of cherry-picking to make a point that is set to undermine one of post-apartheid’s few success stories.…

Media release: Sir Ketumile Masire, Nelson Mandela and the Free Market Foundation

29 Jun 17  
Ketumile Masire (2001): “This is the time to demonstrate to the world that, as fellow Africans, we are capable of working together so that we can all enjoy peace, freedom and dignity.”…