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Media release: Minister Gigaba: Reduce bloated government before introducing new taxes

 19 Feb 18
Minister Gigaba seemingly has his back against the fiscal wall and will probably announce tax hikes in his 21 February budget.…

Media Q&A: RET: Critical media questions for the ANC Policy Conference

 03 Jul 17
Radical economic transformation (RET) must happen. For over 40 years the Free Market Foundation (FMF) has been promoting real radical economic transformation and a fundamental deviation from South Africa’s mainstream economic policies.…

Business Day column: Far-reaching failures now in urgent need of radical change

31 May 17   Leon Louw
President Jacob Zuma is right, we need radical economic transformation. The reason is simple.…

The first step to growth: Reject pseudo-economics

31 May 17   Martin van Staden
Murray Rothbard, economist and political philosopher, wrote in an essay that there is nothing wrong with being ignorant of economics, given the science’s specialised and often complex nature.…

Media release: “Amandla! Awethu!” means power to the people, not government – it’s time to decentralise!

30 May 17   FMF Media Release
“Amandla! Awethu!” means power to the people – not government. Government may be calling for radical economic transformation (RET), yet its actions and policies perpetuate apartheid era thinking.…

Media release: Yes – introduce radical economic transformation in labour policy and help 9 million unemployed

26 May 17   FMF Media Release
Nine million people in South Africa need real radical economic transformation (RET) to eradicate the failed economic policies that have condemned them to unemployment and severely retarded South Africa’s growth.…

Media release: President Zuma is right! We need Radical Economic Transformation

08 May 17  
President Jacob Zuma is right! We do need radical economic transformation (RET) and the Free Market Foundation (FMF) has been advocating such policies for over 40 years.…