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Media release: NHI Demarcations Regulations – Two million people set to lose medical insurance overnight

19 Mar 17
The Department of Health has requested that the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) grant a limited two-year exemption period for primary healthcare providers who submit themselves to regulation under the Medical Schemes Act ...…

‘Social solidarity’ stopped actuaries devising policies to suit low-income earners

22 Feb 17
The final demarcation regulations drawing the line between medical insurance products and medical schemes was gazetted by the Treasury in December.…

Why SA should take a leaf out of Egypt’s book on drug approvals

Many problems beset healthcare in South Africa. A most frustrating one is the inability of the drug regulator, the Medicines Control Council, to approve medicines in a timely manner.…

Media release: Treasury Impact Assessment - FSR Bill to cost R 4.5 to R6.2 bn p.a. but benefits indefinable

24 Aug 16  
The proposed Financial Services Regulation Bill (FRS), expected to go before Parliament very soon, will introduce ‘Twin Peaks’, set to be the most expensive and complex revision of banking and insurance regulatory architecture in South Africa’s histo…

Capitalism and force

10 Aug 16   Chris Hattingh
Capitalism is the only social/economic system that gives us all freedom of choice because it removes the element of force, and this is why it is the only moral system.…

You cannot redistribute a nation out of poverty

23 Jun 16   James Peron
There are two sure things we can say about global poverty.…