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Media release: Medical insurance Demarcation Regulations – latest attack on personal freedom by heavy handed state

 16 Jan 18
Increasing state regulation is an insidious assault on personal freedom as more areas of citizens’ lives are subjected to government interference as a means to achieve government’s ideological ends,” said Leon Louw, Free Market Foundation (FMF) execu…

Business Day column: Best way for the state to deal with spectrum is to get out of the way

13 Dec 17   Leon Louw
Data must fall. Not because regulators and do-gooders say so, but because of "market forces".…

The truth about South Africa’s mass unemployment

06 Dec 17   Eustace Davie
I have a vision of millions of people, with new hope in their hearts, knocking on doors, saying “I am exempt from the labour laws. Here is my exemption certificate to prove it.…

Media release: Demarcation Regulations for the healthcare insurance sector are an attack on the black middle class

05 Dec 17   FMF Media Release
The rise of the black middle class is a South African success story. Why is government clamping down on their freedom of choice?…

Media release: The Department of Health’s proposals are an effective ban on smoking

27 Nov 17   FMF Media Release
Government’s interference a threat to rights of individuals, private property owners and bad for business…

The higher the growth, the better human wellbeing

08 Nov 17   Temba A Nolutshungu
That better human wellbeing is the outcome of higher economic growth is illustrated by the findings published in The Economic Freedom of the World report.…

Media release: Healthcare Demarcation Regulations remove low cost benefit options for poor

11 Oct 17   FMF Media Release
Government’s healthcare demarcation regulations came into effect on 1 April 2017.…

Business Day column: Don’t be fooled — all regulation is really about seeking to control you

29 Sep 17   Leon Louw
There are three unrelated sets of control — on taxis, foreign exchange and credit — which expose a pervasive problem.…

Competition Commission supposedly saves South Africans

28 Sep 17   Chris Hattingh
The South African government is bent on saving defenceless South Africans yet again.…

Thirteen African countries now rank higher than South Africa in economic freedom

28 Sep 17   Dr Richard J. Grant
For each resident of a society, increased uncertainty about the social and political constraints under which one lives will reduce one’s ability to make wise choices in the present and to plan for the future.…

Health department's demarcation regulations are potentially unconstitutional

19 Sep 17   Jasson Urbach
Millions of low-paid and economically vulnerable citizens today find they are without medical insurance and either now must pay directly out of pocket to access private facilities or rely on the vagaries of a state controlled system.…

Irrational new regulations for minibus taxis

18 Sep 17   Gary Moore
Worthless and peripheral tinkering at paintwork and logos…

SAA has no place in South Africa

16 Aug 17   Terry Markman
Good Luck to Vuyani Jarana, new CEO of SAA. Unfortunately, he will need much more than that.…

Business Day column: Meme of insurers as pariahs is a ploy for greater regulation

10 Aug 17   Leon Louw
The insurance industry is reprehensible, according to Ismail Momoniat. He should know. As the Treasury’s deputy director-general, he orchestrates its regulatory diarrhoea.…