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The Hate Speech Bill: another instalment in the march towards tyranny

 22 May 17
A curious right that has emerged from the rights culture of the past 70 years is the right to be not offended.…

Media release: ANC Conference must reject ICT White Paper and Hate Speech Bill for South Africa to drop Apartheidesque communications policy

 22 May 17
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) considers communications a crucial aspect of public policy to get right, as it is the medium by which all other civil engagement takes place.…

Business Day column: Hate speech law may well curb all manner of freedoms

22 Feb 17   Leon Louw
Beware — if the hateful hate speech bill is enacted, telling someone that they induce the episodic levator ani syndrome variant of proctalgia funaxal sacrococcygeal distress in your pubococcygeus could have you jailed for a whole three years.…

New SA criminalising hate-speech bill goes too far

17 Feb 17   Gary Moore
The Department of Justice has invited the public to comment on a draft parliamentary bill containing a clause that would create an offence of "hate speech".…