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Taxi drivers call for higher consumer prices

15 Mar 17
On 10 March, the metered taxi drivers took to the streets of Johannesburg and severely impacted traffic to and from O R Tambo International Airport.…

Predicted Tax Freedom Day 2017 in light of budget speech

01 Mar 17
Tax Freedom Day, this year, will be on 23 May – two days later than last year.…

How will the proposed sugar tax impact spaza shops which employ 360,000 people and rely on soft drink sales?

21 Sep 16   Chris Hattingh
The next Coca Cola you drink will cost you more. So, too, will that energy drink you down after a hard workout.…

Sugar tax will be borne by the poor

24 Aug 16   Garth Zietsman
In his budget speech this year, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced a tax of 20% on high sugar soft drinks scheduled to start on 1 April 2017.…

Piketty recommends a worldwide 80 percent tax rate

13 Jul 16   Chris Hattingh
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty’s popular socio-economic analysis of the state of the world, views capitalism as a deeply flawed socio-economic system.…

Business Day column: Later Tax Freedom Day sounds a warning

01 Jun 16   Leon Louw
TAXPAYERS are rich, the rich pay most tax, and rich companies pay the rest. That is why most people are unmoved by the idea that government inefficiency, waste and corruption occur "at the taxpayer’s expense".…

Taxing medical schemes a flawed approach

25 May 16   Jasson Urbach
IN HIS budget vote speech, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi repeated a lie when he asked, "how do we continue to justify a health-care system where 16% of the population, which in essence is the cream of the nation, have pooled their funds together i…

Media release: Work FIVE more days in 2016 than 2015 to pay for government spending

25 May 16   FMF Media Release
Wednesday, 25 May 2016, is Tax Freedom Day (TFD). Five days later than in 2015 and five weeks later than in 1994…

Why State-Owned Enterprises impact Tax Freedom Day

25 May 16   Garth Zietsman
There are no fewer than 717 State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in South Africa with total assets of R1 trillion, or 27% of GDP, and government investment amounting to more than 30% of our total investment.…