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Irrational new regulations for minibus taxis

 18 Sep 17
Worthless and peripheral tinkering at paintwork and logos…

SAA has no place in South Africa

 16 Aug 17
Good Luck to Vuyani Jarana, new CEO of SAA. Unfortunately, he will need much more than that.…

LETTER: Health plan authoritarian

07 Aug 17   Jasson Urbach
The latest iteration of the national health insurance (NHI) policy paper induces a depressing sense of déjà vu.…

Any tax hurts the poor the most

Low-growth and the resulting decrease in government revenue around the world, but especially in South Africa, has led to increased calls for higher taxes on the rich.…

Media release: FMF, COSATU and the ANCWL agree on taxes – that’s radical

07 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) has opposed the idea of a sugar tax since it was first conceived and championed by health minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi.…

The first step to growth: Reject pseudo-economics

31 May 17   Martin van Staden
Murray Rothbard, economist and political philosopher, wrote in an essay that there is nothing wrong with being ignorant of economics, given the science’s specialised and often complex nature.…

Media release: Work FIVE more days in 2017 than 2015 to pay for government spending

25 May 17   FMF Media Release
Thursday, 25 May 2017, is Tax Freedom Day (TFD). Five days later than in 2015 and six weeks later than in 1994.…

South Africa sacrifices peace, justice and good governance to State Owned Enterprises

23 May 17   Garth Zietsman
The trend worldwide is for wealthier countries to have large governments. South Africa has a government larger than expected and still growing steadily.…

Countdown to Tax Freedom Day 2017

18 May 17   Garth Zietsman
When will Tax Freedom Day 2017 fall? Watch this space!…

Taxi drivers call for higher consumer prices

15 Mar 17   Chris Hattingh
On 10 March, the metered taxi drivers took to the streets of Johannesburg and severely impacted traffic to and from O R Tambo International Airport.…

Predicted Tax Freedom Day 2017 in light of budget speech

01 Mar 17   Garth Zietsman
Tax Freedom Day, this year, will be on 23 May – two days later than last year.…