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Steamrolling unaffordable policies – the new norm in South Africa

 27 Nov 17
The current trend of pushing through populist government policies without consideration of expert reports on the affordability of funding initiatives, causes grave concern…

NHI – the danger of political promises

 02 Nov 17
South African citizens are holding government accountable for promises made to ensure votes in election years.…

NHI tax credit conundrum

11 Oct 17   Dr Johann Serfontein
Removal of tax credits and employer subsidies might seem like low hanging funding fruit, but the implications could prove severe…

Taking the NHI debate to new levels

11 Oct 17   Dr Johann Serfontein
The concept of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a noble initiative and receives widespread support in South Africa.…

Both public and private sector healthcare woes can be blamed on government

18 Sep 17   Dr Johann Serfontein
The NHI white Paper states a number of public- and private sector failures as reasons to implement NHI. But who is responsible for causing these failures?…

Public health is in critical condition, and the NHI cannot save it

26 Apr 17   Dr Johann Serfontein
The recent revelations by the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) in their 2015-16 inspection report, which was presented in Parliament recently, has raised alarm about the state of the public healthcare system.…