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Media release: ANC Conference must reject ICT White Paper and Hate Speech Bill for South Africa to drop Apartheidesque communications policy

 22 May 17
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) considers communications a crucial aspect of public policy to get right, as it is the medium by which all other civil engagement takes place.…

Media release: To nationalise or compromise? Minister Cwele’s dilemma on ICT policy

22 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
To borrow from Shakespeare, nationalisation by any other name is still nationalisation, and government taking assets held in private hands without consent or compensation is still expropriation.…

Media release: NHI Demarcations Regulations – Two million people set to lose medical insurance overnight

19 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
The Department of Health has requested that the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) grant a limited two-year exemption period for primary healthcare providers who submit themselves to regulation under the Medical Schemes Act ...…

Media release: Impact Assessments keep politicians honest – perhaps why ministers avoid them?

13 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
Socio Economic Impact Assessments (SEIAs) should be high on the news agenda.…

Media release: We cannot afford to experiment with our future

06 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
“Data is the new currency” * said Chuck Robbins, CEO Cisco Systems and continued, “Data growth is fueling economies, sparking innovation and unleashing waves of creativity.”…

Media release: Time allowed for public participation on ICC withdrawal inadequate

28 Feb 17   Free Market Foundation
The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development invited public comment on government’s intention to withdraw from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on 14 February 2017, with the deadline for comment set at 8 March 2017.…

Media release: Minister Cwele is disingenuous about telecoms industry consultation

27 Feb 17   Free Market Foundation
On February 17, Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) Minister Cwele held his second engagement with the telecommunications industry known as the ICT or information and communications technology sector.…

Telecoms Industry under threat: What the media and public need to know

27 Feb 17   Free Market Foundation
This document aims to provide a background and context on the National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper, for the media to understand what is at stake, inform the public and other stakeholders and ask the right questions of government…