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The incredible growth of the middle class

 03 Oct 18
The world is fast approaching an incredible milestone in human development: for the first time in history more than half the world’s population will be middle class.…

We all benefit from freedom

 12 Sep 18
One of the oddities of freedom is we all benefit from freedom we are unable to utilise ourselves. There are many things, for instance, that I am free to do but which I am unable to do.…

Population explosion: Is the end nigh?

03 Sep 18   James Peron
Paul Ehrlich says the collapse of civilization is a “near certainty” within decades – again. Well, given how awful his track record has been, I’m happy to hear it.…

The land fetish

28 Aug 18   James Peron
Doctors are the hardest people in the world to control.…

Trade improves human wellbeing

02 Aug 18   James Peron
Does anyone think Americans would be richer if each of the fifty states had restrictions on trade with the other states?…

Delta could fly two people to South Africa for the same cost as flying one on SAA

24 Jan 18   James Peron
The other day I saw a promotion for flights to South Africa and curiosity got the better of me.…

SAA is neither a “strategic asset” nor a “national asset”

07 Nov 17   James Peron
When it comes to the defence of South African Airways, all I can say is that Burger King wishes they had as many “whoppers” as do the SAA cheerleaders.…

SAA: Change the incentives

01 Nov 17   James Peron
The mess that is South African Airlines is widely known today. What many do not realise is that Yale University, in 1944, published a little book, which lays out the reasons for the mess.…

SAA: Life after death

01 Nov 17   James Peron
It’s described as “another state-run airline deep in debt, backed by bailouts and beholden to bureaucrats”…