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Reviewing freedom of choice, as plain packaging tobacco rules considered

 07 Jun 17
Freedom of choice flies out the window when so-called ‘bad' choices can summarily be overruled or interfered with by government.…

The first step to growth: Reject pseudo-economics

 31 May 17
Murray Rothbard, economist and political philosopher, wrote in an essay that there is nothing wrong with being ignorant of economics, given the science’s specialised and often complex nature.…

SABC’s abhorrent demands spell out government’s ill intentions

31 May 17   Martin van Staden
The SABC’s recent shenanigans in Parliament illustrate quite plainly how government perceives its relationship with citizens:…

Land reform: restitution, not redistribution, is the proper vehicle

26 May 17   Martin van Staden
The disallowance of foreign ownership of agricultural land and the creation of a race and gender registry of landowners are among the proposals contained in the new Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill, sponsored by the Department of Rural D…

Lipservice or participatory democracy?

12 Apr 17   Martin van Staden
The subjugation of black South Africans to arbitrary, discretionary rule by officialdom and the whims of politicians was one of the hallmarks of apartheid.…

South Africa’s Rule of Quasi-Law

05 Apr 17   Martin van Staden
Quasi-law has become the norm in South Africa, with Parliament acting as a delegator of powers rather than the representative law-making body it is supposed to be.…

Government can and should lower data prices but not by strangling the industry

25 Mar 17   Martin van Staden
President Jacob Zuma’s announcement in his State of the Nation Address – directed to “the youth,” no less – that government has prioritised the lowering of data prices, should immediately have raised our scepticism about the viability of his claim.…

Government land is central to land reform

22 Mar 17   Martin van Staden
With politicians spewing anti-property rights rhetoric, we could but wonder what exactly sets the democratic government apart from the former apartheid regime.…

Three most-overlooked provisions of the Constitution

08 Feb 17   Martin van Staden
The Constitution exists in the abstract to most people. They know there is a document, somewhere, with a list of principles and values which protects them from… something, but what it actually says and how it is set out, is not known to most.…

Don’t take government bullying lying down

25 Jan 17   Martin van Staden
Through both apathy and fear, South Africa’s businessmen and women have allowed local law making to become hopelessly inconsistent with the doctrine of ‘the rule of law’, a principle that underpins our entire Constitution.…

Why RDP housing is keeping people poor

21 Dec 16   Martin van Staden
Most people would agree that racial discrimination characterised apartheid.…

RDP housing inadequate for transformation

15 Dec 16   Martin van Staden
Most people would agree that racial discrimination characterised apartheid.…

Time to get rid of the apartheid township

08 Dec 16   Martin van Staden
Municipal government throughout South Africa continues to own upwards of five million urban plots currently occupied by previously disadvantaged individuals.…

Health Act does not adhere to the rule of law

02 Nov 16   Martin van Staden
Government’s National Health Insurance (NHI) proposals have dominated the headlines over the past months.…