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Only established networks can handle the investments required to run a sustainable WOAN

 23 Jul 18
The idea of a wireless open access network – WOAN – is the central plank of government’s information and communications technologies (ICT) policy as set out in the Electronic Communications Amendment (ECA) Bill.…

Media release: Scrap the telecoms bill and revert to existing Act

 10 Jul 18
ICT provides the framework and infrastructure for every aspect of mobile technological communications. It is the backbone of the economy and a chief driver of transformation. The affordability and quality of data depends on getting this right…

Russia abandons autocratic telecom proposal

05 Mar 18   Gary Moore
In 2010, the Russian government gave mobile-network operator Yota the first licence to offer a fourth-generation (so-called “LTE” or long-term evolution) mobile broadband service at wholesale level.…

Rwanda’s stuttering wholesale 4G telecoms network

05 Mar 18   Gary Moore
The Rwandan Government has been building a single 4G wholesale open-access telecoms network in a joint venture with South Korean operator Korea Telecom (KT).…

Mexico’s elaborate open-access telecoms scheme struggles to take off

05 Mar 18   Gary Moore
The Mexican government obtained a constitutional change in 2013 to enable it to promote competition in telecommunications.…

Media release: A critical week for all data users

05 Mar 18   FMF Media Release
Cost of data is an emotive subject. This is a critically important week for all users. Media and consumers should take note.…

How Kenya’s bold open-access telecom plan came unstuck

05 Mar 18   Gary Moore
Kenya’s 2011 national broadband policy contained details of a government project for a “fast track” rollout of a wireless 4G wholesale open-access network (WOAN).…

Media release: ECA Bill is anti-competitive, unconstitutional and will raise data prices

15 Jan 18   FMF Media Release
The proposed Electronic Communications Amendment (ECA) Bill, 2017 is part of the legislation required to implement the Department of Transport and Postal Services’ (DTPS) contentious Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy White Paper…

Business Day column: Best way for the state to deal with spectrum is to get out of the way

13 Dec 17   Leon Louw
Data must fall. Not because regulators and do-gooders say so, but because of "market forces".…