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Media release: ECA Bill is anti-competitive, unconstitutional and will raise data prices

 15 Jan 18
The proposed Electronic Communications Amendment (ECA) Bill, 2017 is part of the legislation required to implement the Department of Transport and Postal Services’ (DTPS) contentious Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy White Paper…

Business Day column: Best way for the state to deal with spectrum is to get out of the way

 13 Dec 17
Data must fall. Not because regulators and do-gooders say so, but because of "market forces".…

Media release: Government interference will drive data prices up, not down

08 Aug 17  
The #datamustfall campaign is dangerous populist disinformation that has government ministers, ICASA and the communications portfolio committee trying to force price control on the private sector, based on a social media campaign and a false meme.…

Media release: DataMustFall: Fake news

03 Jul 17   FMF Media Release
#DataMustFall campaigners are guilty of cherry-picking to make a point that is set to undermine one of post-apartheid’s few success stories.…

Data – let each provider decide for themselves

23 Jun 17   Chris Hattingh
The #DataMustFall campaign has been relatively quiet in recent months, after the flurry of calls for greedy companies such as MTN and Vodacom to do away with a basic, moral tenet of business: making a profit.…

Government can and should lower data prices but not by strangling the industry

25 Mar 17   Martin van Staden
President Jacob Zuma’s announcement in his State of the Nation Address – directed to “the youth,” no less – that government has prioritised the lowering of data prices, should immediately have raised our scepticism about the viability of his claim.…

Media release: Impact Assessments keep politicians honest – perhaps why ministers avoid them?

13 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
Socio Economic Impact Assessments (SEIAs) should be high on the news agenda.…

Media release: We cannot afford to experiment with our future

06 Mar 17   Free Market Foundation
“Data is the new currency” * said Chuck Robbins, CEO Cisco Systems and continued, “Data growth is fueling economies, sparking innovation and unleashing waves of creativity.”…