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How about private-run education facilities to train doctors in South Africa

 18 Jul 18
Is anyone surprised that the programme which trains South Africans as doctors in Cuba has been a catastrophic failure? According to Business Day,…

Do SA a favour: Close down SAA and pay all staff one year’s retrenchment package. Bargain!

 28 Jun 18
There is much hype and little logic in the hysteria surrounding what to do with SAA. A national asset? A flag carrier?…

The empire of medical schemes

15 May 18   Robert W Vivian
In recent days, many consumers, no doubt, have been receiving strange letters from their insurance brokers telling them that as a consequence of “demarcation regulations” which come into operation this year, the cover provided by certain medical expe…

Free at last – Tax Freedom Day 2018

11 May 18   Garth Zietsman
On Sunday, 13 May, South Africans stop working for the state and start working for themselves.…

Minister Gigaba – reduce spending and taxes to create jobs

12 Feb 18   Jasson Urbach
On 21 February, Finance Minister, Malusi Gigaba, will present his annual budget speech before Parliament.…

Media release: SAA’s own new CEO inadvertently tolls airline’s death knell

18 Jan 18   FMF Media Release
New CEO Vuyani Jurana has made a strong case to wind up SAA. In a presentation to Parliament's standing committee on finance late last year,…

Competition Commission supposedly saves South Africans

28 Sep 17   Chris Hattingh
The South African government is bent on saving defenceless South Africans yet again.…

Media release: Twin Peaks now law – a sad day for SA’s financial services consumers

22 Aug 17  
The controversial “Twin Peaks” regulatory system is now law with the signing of the Financial Sector Regulation Act by President Zuma on 21 August 2017 and it is a sad day for consumers of financial services and for SA’s economy.…

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

17 Aug 17  
Any inventor needs assurances that their ideas, once put into the public domain to be capitalised upon, will receive adequate protection.…

LETTER: Hands off money supply

04 Aug 17   Jasson Urbach
The public protector’s call for a constitutional amendment to bring an end to inflation targeting is confused and confusing.…