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Rwanda’s stuttering wholesale 4G telecoms network

 05 Mar 18
The Rwandan Government has been building a single 4G wholesale open-access telecoms network in a joint venture with South Korean operator Korea Telecom (KT).…

How Kenya’s bold open-access telecom plan came unstuck

 05 Mar 18
Kenya’s 2011 national broadband policy contained details of a government project for a “fast track” rollout of a wireless 4G wholesale open-access network (WOAN).…

Business Day column: Best way for the state to deal with spectrum is to get out of the way

13 Dec 17   Leon Louw
Data must fall. Not because regulators and do-gooders say so, but because of "market forces".…

Request for extension of public comment period on bills gazetted during November 2017

30 Nov 17  
The departments of labour and telecommunications and postal services together published four bills on 17 November 2017 with hopelessly inadequate periods for public comment.…

Media release: ANC Conference must reject ICT White Paper and Hate Speech Bill for South Africa to drop Apartheidesque communications policy

22 May 17   Free Market Foundation
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) considers communications a crucial aspect of public policy to get right, as it is the medium by which all other civil engagement takes place.…

Business Day column: ICT policy matters because the internet will be everything

28 Mar 17   Leon Louw
Spats about facts can be confusing. Communications Minister Siyabonga Cwele, for instance, accused me of being "wrong" about the formulation of incredibly important telecommunications policy.…

Government can and should lower data prices but not by strangling the industry

25 Mar 17   Martin van Staden
President Jacob Zuma’s announcement in his State of the Nation Address – directed to “the youth,” no less – that government has prioritised the lowering of data prices, should immediately have raised our scepticism about the viability of his claim.…