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A message for Cyril about the 9.422 million unemployed – Just Let Them Work!

 21 Dec 17
I address this article to Cyril Ramaphosa, the newly elected President of the ANC en route to the Presidency of South Africa.…

Business Day column: Catastrophic jobless rate warrants institution of state of emergency

 13 Dec 17
SA’s unemployment rate is so catastrophic that a state of emergency should be declared.…

The truth about South Africa’s mass unemployment

06 Dec 17   Eustace Davie
I have a vision of millions of people, with new hope in their hearts, knocking on doors, saying “I am exempt from the labour laws. Here is my exemption certificate to prove it.…

Failure to respect constitutional rights causes mass unemployment

06 Dec 17   Eustace Davie
South Africa’s unemployed people are subjected to the appalling indignity of being denied the right to negotiate freely with potential employers who, in turn, are prevented by the labour laws from employing them on mutually agreeable terms.…

The more trade unions, the less job growth

22 Nov 17   Frans Rautenbach
Is there any correlation between union density and the growth or decline in employment?…

Catastrophic jobless rate warrants institution of state of emergency

25 Oct 17   Leon Louw
SA’s unemployment rate is so catastrophic that a state of emergency should be declared.…

Time for government to throw in towel on SAA

18 Sep 17   Leon Louw
AFTER decades of mismanagement and waste, SA’s comical airline, South African Airways (SAA), will be liquidated and its remnants sold to the highest bidder, according to our wise new Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene…

New SAA bailout package shows government is not committed to transformation

15 Aug 17   Martin van Staden
With low economic growth prospects, ever-increasing unemployment and destitution, government appears to be more concerned with the useless prestige and status that comes with our national airline, than the wellbeing of the South African people.…

Media release: Education needs radical transformation. Don’t leave our children in the apartheid era

06 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
Radical economic transformation (RET) in education should be at the top of President Zuma’s agenda. The latest unemployment figures are testimony not only to a failing economy but to a failed education system that is pouring out unemployable young pe…

Minimum wage a danger

02 Jun 17   Jasson Urbach
John Spiropoulos (The minimum wage and the moral economy) expresses concerns about the plight of the poor and high levels of dependency, which I share.…

Time for South Africans to live and let live

26 Apr 17   Temba A Nolutshungu
The country’s economic junk status is a direct result of policy intransigence.…

The National Minimum Wage will deepen South Africa’s unemployment crisis

19 Apr 17   David Ansara
The proposed National Minimum Wage (NMW), due to come into force on 1 May 2018, is a quick fix to a systemic problem that will artificially increase salaries for those who already have a job, rather than create more jobs.…

Anguish over low wages but no pity for the 9 million who earn zero

08 Mar 17   Eustace Davie
The proponents of the compulsory National Minimum Wage (NMW) admit that some people at the lowest level of the income scale will lose their jobs.…