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Media release: SAA’s own new CEO inadvertently tolls airline’s death knell

 18 Jan 18
New CEO Vuyani Jurana has made a strong case to wind up SAA. In a presentation to Parliament's standing committee on finance late last year,…

Government’s embrace of parasitical SAA is unconstitutional

 29 Nov 17
South African Airways (SAA) is not a parastatal, it is parasitical. Society as envisioned by our Constitution has no place for parasites, especially if its continual humouring has to come at the direct expense of equality, dignity, and freedom.…

Media release: R10 billion is not enough – let’s get real about SAA

15 Nov 17   FMF Media Release
Let’s get real about SAA. In among the hype, speculation about the new CEO and board, the latest of 9 turn around plans, Gigaba’s talk of local and international strategic equity partners and of “saving SAA”, there is a blindingly obvious elephant -…

SAA is neither a “strategic asset” nor a “national asset”

07 Nov 17   James Peron
When it comes to the defence of South African Airways, all I can say is that Burger King wishes they had as many “whoppers” as do the SAA cheerleaders.…

SAA: Change the incentives

01 Nov 17   James Peron
The mess that is South African Airlines is widely known today. What many do not realise is that Yale University, in 1944, published a little book, which lays out the reasons for the mess.…

SAA: Life after death

01 Nov 17   James Peron
It’s described as “another state-run airline deep in debt, backed by bailouts and beholden to bureaucrats”…

Media release: Open letter from Free Market Foundation to Minister Gigaba re action for SAA – and a wager

23 Oct 17   FMF Media Release
We trust this letter is in time to influence your Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) on 25 October with regard to SAA.…

SAA: The costs far exceed the benefits

11 Oct 17   James Peron
There can be little doubt – South Africa does benefit because South African Airlines (SAA) exists.…

Media release: R 3bn SAA bailout – but only R 450 m left for working capital. Again taxpayers pick up the bill

02 Oct 17   FMF Media Release
One day before the default deadline on 30 September, government used R3bn of taxpayers hard earned money to bailout SAA...…

Treasury undermines the Constitution with SAA appropriation bill

21 Sep 17  
With a national consensus developing around the needless existence of an unprofitable national airline,…

Media release: SAA is dead in the water – why bother with a bailout?

20 Sep 17   FMF Media Release
Who is fooling whom? Government seems to have lost the plot over SAA.…

Time to end the Eskom monopoly

31 Aug 17   Chris Hattingh
What is the fundamental difference between a state-supported monopoly and a monopoly that develops in the market?…

SAA has no place in South Africa

16 Aug 17   Terry Markman
Good Luck to Vuyani Jarana, new CEO of SAA. Unfortunately, he will need much more than that.…

New SAA bailout package shows government is not committed to transformation

15 Aug 17   Martin van Staden
With low economic growth prospects, ever-increasing unemployment and destitution, government appears to be more concerned with the useless prestige and status that comes with our national airline, than the wellbeing of the South African people.…

Business Day column: High cost of flying the flag and keeping a fossil in the skies

10 Aug 17   Leon Louw
A terrifying flock of pterodactyls — gigantic dinosaur-era flying reptiles long presumed extinct — was spotted in our skies last week. Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba reassured us that there was nothing to fear.…