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Business Day column: Best way for the state to deal with spectrum is to get out of the way

 13 Dec 17
Data must fall. Not because regulators and do-gooders say so, but because of "market forces".…

The higher the growth, the better human wellbeing

 08 Nov 17
That better human wellbeing is the outcome of higher economic growth is illustrated by the findings published in The Economic Freedom of the World report.…

Business Day column: Don’t be fooled — all regulation is really about seeking to control you

29 Sep 17   Leon Louw
There are three unrelated sets of control — on taxis, foreign exchange and credit — which expose a pervasive problem.…

Thirteen African countries now rank higher than South Africa in economic freedom

28 Sep 17   Dr Richard J. Grant
For each resident of a society, increased uncertainty about the social and political constraints under which one lives will reduce one’s ability to make wise choices in the present and to plan for the future.…

SAA has no place in South Africa

16 Aug 17   Terry Markman
Good Luck to Vuyani Jarana, new CEO of SAA. Unfortunately, he will need much more than that.…