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Parliament’s surrendering of power to bureaucrats jeopardises democracy

 07 Dec 17
Did you know that when you drive 140 in a 120 km/h zone, you are not ‘breaking the law’, at least not directly?…

Short comment periods on new laws are unreasonable and unconstitutional

 28 Nov 17
The South African government seems to be making it a habit to publish new laws, regulations, and policies close to or over a holiday period.…

Reducing the number of provinces is an affront to the Rule of Law and democracy

02 Aug 17  
The African National Congress’ suggestion that the number of provinces be reduced from nine to six comes as a shock.…

Have we been underemphasising public participation?

04 Jul 17   Martin van Staden
Public participation in the affairs of government is democracy in action. Government receives a general mandate once every five years, however, public participation serves to legitimise particular policies.…

Lipservice or participatory democracy?

12 Apr 17   Martin van Staden
The subjugation of black South Africans to arbitrary, discretionary rule by officialdom and the whims of politicians was one of the hallmarks of apartheid.…

New SA criminalising hate-speech bill goes too far

17 Feb 17   Gary Moore
The Department of Justice has invited the public to comment on a draft parliamentary bill containing a clause that would create an offence of "hate speech".…

Media release: New Hate Speech Bill turns petty insults into a crime with 3 years in jail

31 Jan 17   FMF Media Release
Saying, “All politicians are thieving liars” or “All lawyers are blood-sucking parasites”, may land you in jail for up to three years if the proposed Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill is passed into law.…