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Request for extension of public comment period on bills gazetted during November 2017

 30 Nov 17
The departments of labour and telecommunications and postal services together published four bills on 17 November 2017 with hopelessly inadequate periods for public comment.…

Bid to hide SAA truth shows contempt for public

 18 Sep 17
IT IS worse than we thought. Much worse. So bad, in fact, that the state attorney has resorted to the sinister concealment from the nation of vital information.…

Have we been underemphasising public participation?

04 Jul 17   Martin van Staden
Public participation in the affairs of government is democracy in action. Government receives a general mandate once every five years, however, public participation serves to legitimise particular policies.…

Institutions must remain mindful of their core mandate

27 Jun 17   Martin van Staden
Institutions and the rule of law are the essential elements that protect individual South Africans from the excesses and abuses of state power.…

The rule of Anu and Bel

07 Jun 17   Rex van Schalkwyk
“(And) then Anu and Bel (both gods) called by name me, Hammurabi, The Exalted Prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land.…

The Hate Speech Bill: another instalment in the march towards tyranny

22 May 17   Rex van Schalkwyk
A curious right that has emerged from the rights culture of the past 70 years is the right to be not offended.…

Three most-overlooked provisions of the Constitution

08 Feb 17   Martin van Staden
The Constitution exists in the abstract to most people. They know there is a document, somewhere, with a list of principles and values which protects them from… something, but what it actually says and how it is set out, is not known to most.…