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Media release: Radical criminal justice reform: Decriminalise victimless conduct and keep our judiciary independent

 19 Jun 17
South Africa is renowned globally for violent crime and rape. Law enforcement in South Africa has a monumental job and the ANC Policy Conference at the end of June rightly has safety and security on its radical transformation agenda.…

Media release: Radical legal transformation: Embrace Mandela’s rule of law not apartheid arbitrary governance

 13 Jun 17
South Africa’s democracy is founded on the “supremacy of the constitution and rule of law.”…

Media release: Lessons from 1987 Dakar Conference must be revisited to save South Africa

22 May 17   FMF Media Release
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) co-founder and executive director Leon Louw is honoured to be participating in the 30-year Dakar Conference commemorations taking place in South Africa and proud to have played a role in an event widely credited as th…