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South Africa is repeating the mistakes of apartheid

 17 Oct 17
After the end of Apartheid in 1994, nobody would have guessed that South Africa would be making many of the same mistakes as the Apartheid regime only two decades later, from censoring speech to violating agricultural property rights.…

Affirmative action and socio-economic challenges – what are the solutions?

 31 Aug 17
South Africa’s ostensibly intractable socio-economic problems are a consequence of government policy, whether deliberate or unintentional.…

Media release: Radical healthcare transformation: Bring healthcare back to the people and away from government

12 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
Affordable and quality healthcare is critically important to fight unemployment and poverty and achieve radical economic transformation.…

SA is at a political crossroads

31 May 17   Jasson Urbach
‘Every nation gets the government it deserves”. So wrote the 18th century French philosopher Joseph de Maistre. South Africa is at a critical crossroads in its political history.…

SABC’s abhorrent demands spell out government’s ill intentions

31 May 17   Martin van Staden
The SABC’s recent shenanigans in Parliament illustrate quite plainly how government perceives its relationship with citizens:…

Media release: Lessons from 1987 Dakar Conference must be revisited to save South Africa

22 May 17   FMF Media Release
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) co-founder and executive director Leon Louw is honoured to be participating in the 30-year Dakar Conference commemorations taking place in South Africa and proud to have played a role in an event widely credited as th…