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Media release: Oxfam or Oxscam? Inequality propoganda exposed

 16 Feb 18
“Oxfam should be renamed Oxscam as they disseminate false news and failed ideological propaganda, and promote policies that, contrary to their stated goals, maximise poverty and inequality and minimise prosperity for all.…

Media release: Radical criminal justice reform: Decriminalise victimless conduct and keep our judiciary independent

 19 Jun 17
South Africa is renowned globally for violent crime and rape. Law enforcement in South Africa has a monumental job and the ANC Policy Conference at the end of June rightly has safety and security on its radical transformation agenda.…

Media release: Radical legal transformation: Embrace Mandela’s rule of law not apartheid arbitrary governance

13 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
South Africa’s democracy is founded on the “supremacy of the constitution and rule of law.”…

Media release: Radical healthcare transformation: Bring healthcare back to the people and away from government

12 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
Affordable and quality healthcare is critically important to fight unemployment and poverty and achieve radical economic transformation.…

Media release: Education needs radical transformation. Don’t leave our children in the apartheid era

06 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
Radical economic transformation (RET) in education should be at the top of President Zuma’s agenda. The latest unemployment figures are testimony not only to a failing economy but to a failed education system that is pouring out unemployable young pe…

Media release: 23 years post-apartheid, South Africa needs to be radical about land reform

02 Jun 17   FMF Media Release
Radical economic transformation (RET) means exactly that – a radically different approach to policy. President Zuma puts land reform high on the RET agenda, yet government land policies maintain apartheid era thinking and prevent the real social and…

Media release: “Amandla! Awethu!” means power to the people, not government – it’s time to decentralise!

30 May 17   FMF Media Release
“Amandla! Awethu!” means power to the people – not government. Government may be calling for radical economic transformation (RET), yet its actions and policies perpetuate apartheid era thinking.…

Media release: Radical economic transformation means South Africans keep and control their own money

23 May 17   FMF Media Release
Radical economic transformation should mean exactly that – radical action. The ANC talks of radicalism but perhaps because it has yet to set out what this really means, it continues to promote policies that perpetuate apartheid era thinking.…

Media release: Lessons from 1987 Dakar Conference must be revisited to save South Africa

22 May 17   FMF Media Release
The Free Market Foundation (FMF) co-founder and executive director Leon Louw is honoured to be participating in the 30-year Dakar Conference commemorations taking place in South Africa and proud to have played a role in an event widely credited as th…