South Africa, having achieved a democracy in 1994, is a country rich in potential with an unlimited future. The FMF wishes to identify those unique individuals who inspire others in a particular sphere of life. These individuals are elected as FMF Luminaries to memorialise their achievements as an example to all. Luminary Awards have been presented to Dr Yuri Maltsev, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, Dr Pauline Dixon and Dr Sam Motsuenyane.

The central message from the Luminaries is that peaceful co-operation under the rule of law is the best way to achieve peace and prosperity for all.

Luminary award recipients are:

Ninth FMF Luminary - Dr Reuel Khoza

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For being a business leader with the courage to speak truth to power by taking a consistent and principled stand against poor policy, corruption and incompetence in government, and for championing the cause of good governance 

Video: watch Dr Reuel Khoza's acceptance speech here.

Eighth FMF Luminary - Johan Norberg

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For providing a better understanding of our world, especially the science of happiness and intelligence, and which conditions promote global liberty, prosperity and financial stability 

Video: watch Johan Norberg's acceptance speech here.

Seventh FMF Luminary - Raymond Ackerman

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For his role as a great entrepreneur who followed his dream and changed retailing in South Africa for the lasting benefit of all consumers.

Video: watch Mr Ackerman’s acceptance speech here.

Sixth FMF Luminary - Dr Richard Maponya

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For his outstanding entrepreneurial achievement and leadership as a self-made businessman under the almost impossible conditions of apartheid and being a beacon of hope for aspiring young South African entrepreneurs. 

Video: watch Dr Maponya speak to SA youth here.

Fifth FMF Luminary - Advocate George Bizos

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For his fearless defence of South Africa’s struggle heroes, his tenacious fight for freedom and justice and his dedication to upholding the constitution and the rule of law.

Video: watch Advocate Bizos’ acceptance speech here.

Fourth FMF Luminary - Dr Sam Motsuenyane

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Dr Sam Motsuenyane - For outstanding individual enterprise excellence and leadership, consistently demonstrated over many decades in overcoming adversity and inspiring the people of South Africa.

 Video: watch Dr Motsuenyane's acceptance speech here.

Third FMF Luminary - Dr Pauline Dixon

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Dr Pauline Dixon - For her dedication to researching and tirelessly promoting practical solutions to schooling challenges and education entrepreneurship in low income communities.

 Video: watch Pauline Dixon's acceptance speech here.

Second FMF Luminary - The Most Reverend Archbishop Dr. Thabo Makgoba

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Archbishop Thabo Makgoba - For his lifelong dedication to all the peoples of South Africa and for ceaselessly demonstrating the highest level of integrity.

Video: watch Archbishop Makgoba's acceptance speech here.

First FMF Luminary - Dr Yuri Maltsev

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Dr Yuri Maltsev - For his tireless dedication to upholding liberty and the inspiration he brings to the people whose lives he touches.

Video: watch Yuri Maltsev's acceptance speech here.


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