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Momentum’s monumental mistake and the perils of mob-rule

 06 Dec 18
The executives of Momentum insurance appeared recently to have been coerced under popular pressure into making payment of a void policy, thereby upending over 250 years of sound global application of the common law.…

Draft “Bank Resolution” Bill is vague and violates the rule of law

 05 Dec 18
The draft Bill aimed at shoring up struggling banks violates the rule of law by authorising unequal treatment without identifying objective differences to justify it.…

Media release: Mini budget – Zuma fiddled while South Africa burned!

25 Oct 18   FMF Media Release
Tito Mboweni had the unenviable task of presenting a budget that was the consequence of the maladministration of the Zuma era with a Treasury running out of cash and a government leaking like a sinking ship.…

Malema – leave the South African Reserve Bank alone

04 Jul 18   Richard Grant
Recent calls to “nationalise” the South African Reserve Bank imply that the Bank is a private entity ...…

Reinforcing the rand

30 May 18   Luke Muller
The invention of money allowed people to replace their original system of trade, which was barter. Instead of swapping one good or service for another, the creation of money allowed people to buy what they wanted on credit.…

Free at last – Tax Freedom Day 2018

11 May 18   Garth Zietsman
On Sunday, 13 May, South Africans stop working for the state and start working for themselves.…

Media release: Congratulations SA tax payers – you can now keep your own money

10 May 18   FMF Media Release
Before you earn a cent, government takes a chunk out of your pay packet in taxes.…

TEASER: When is Tax Freedom Day 2018?

09 May 18  
Every earner is taxed. Through one kind of tax or another, government takes a bit out of everyone’s earnings.…