Telecoms policy Cape Town media briefing

Adrian Schofield (IITPSA) & Leon Louw (FMF)
27 January 2017
10h00 to 10h30
10h30 to 12h30
Holiday Inn Express, 101 St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre


The National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper will set back SA’s ICT development by decades


Adrian Schofield, Director & Vice President, Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa* 

National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper – contents, issues, questions & consequences

Leon Louw, Executive Director, Free Market Foundation*

Questionable Constitutionality, inadequate public participation and failure to conduct a compulsory Social Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA)

The recently adopted National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper poses a serious threat to SA’s ICT industry with far reaching consequences for consumers and the economy. The media and public need to understand what is happening.

ICT in SA, especially mobile ICT, is one the country’s few great success stories since the new democracy in terms of empowerment, quality national coverage and device ownership, exceeding that of other developing countries. Yet the ICT Policy White Paper proposes uprooting this successful model and replacing it with a rare, unproven and failed alternative.

Proposals have been steamrollered into becoming official government policy without proper public and industry consultation required by the Constitution and without the Cabinet mandated SEIA. This may precipitate a legal challenge.

There are five key areas in the White Paper:

(1) A significantly expanded government role

(2) Fundamental interference with wholesale markets

(3) The development of a nationalised wholesale monopoly

(4) Arbitrary spectrum allocation

(5) A nationalised fund for infrastructure development in non-viable areas administered by unaccountable and unelected officials.

Please join us to understand why critical questions need to be asked and issues resolved before implementation begins.

Holiday Inn Express Cape Town City Centre, 101 St Georges Mall, Cape Town 

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*Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA), formerly Computer Society South Africa (CSSA), is a professional body, recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Established in 1957, the Institute has a long and proud history of service to, and representation of, South Africa’s ICT professionals and practitioners, attracting a broad and active membership from all levels of the ICT Industry. 

*The Free Market Foundation (FMF) is a policy analysis institute primarily dedicated to (a) preventing counter-productive government intervention, taxation and spending, and (b) constitutionalism, due process and the rule of law. To those ends, it is responding to threats of mobile data price control and, more importantly, to the far-reaching implications of the White Paper.

Note to the editor

The FMF is an independent, non-profit, public benefit organisation, created in 1975 by pro-free market business and civil society national bodies to work for a non-racial, free and prosperous South Africa. As a policy organisation it promotes sound economic policies and the principles of good law. As a think tank it seeks and puts forward solutions to some of the country’s most pressing problems: unemployment, poverty, growth, education, health care, electricity supply, and more. The FMF was instrumental in the post-apartheid negotiations and directly influenced the Constitutional Commission to include the property rights clause: a critical cornerstone of economic freedom.

The FMF has a wealth of information in papers, articles and opinion pieces available on the website which can influence the public debate and present alternative policies to the people of South Africa. Please look at our website

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