Internet access and Free Speech

Gareth Cliff
01 March 2017
17h45-18h15 (Registration & cheese ’n wine)
18h15-19h30 presentation
FMF, Block 5 Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston (Off Main Road opposite the Sandton Medi-Clinic)

South Africa is becoming a connected, internet-savvy place. There are more smartphones in South Africa than there are people and the hunger for data is insatiable. People go online for information, entertainment and inspiration, but also increasingly to share their own opinions with the world. This invariably leads to conflicts about what opinions are and aren’t acceptable - and to a blurring of the lines between hate speech, free speech and offensive speech.

Gareth will tell us about -

 Freedom on the Internet -

Getting into trouble

Why freedom of expression is important, and how the fight never ends



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We hope you will join us for a discussion of these and other issues with Gareth Cliff.




Gareth Cliff - Founder and President of (host of “The Gareth Cliff Show”) and Mnet Idols judge, Gareth Cliff is one of South African radio's most prominent personalities. On 1st May 2014, Gareth took the giant leap from traditional terrestrial radio to the future of internet and mobile with the aim of creating the pre-eminent “infotainment” online content hub. It’s about sharing in real conversations - everything that happens in our world - everything we all experience every day – what makes us think… makes us laugh… makes us cry... makes us angry… inspires us… empowers us… what makes us human.

 Gareth kicked off his career at Radio TUKS in Pretoria in 1998 and later “graduated” to 702 Talk Radio as a producer while he was still studying. It was here that he was given his first major break in radio where he attracted a lot of attention for his irreverence and intelligence, replacing the legendary John Berks on the 702 Breakfast Show in 2001. In 2003, Gareth accepted an offer on 5FM where he remained for ten years and hosted the breakfast show for seven years.

Gareth has won numerous awards over the years for best radio and television personality and presenter and regularly hosts events both as an MC, speaker and a conference facilitator.

Beyond the public eye, Gareth has demonstrated his commitment to his audience and passion about South Africa by generously giving of his time to causes that are close to his heart. He regularly gives motivational talks at schools and universities and has been the ambassador of several education initiatives and is the patron for Headway Gauteng.


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