Want economic growth? Repeal bad law!

Garreth Bloor, Founder & MD of Glenheim (Pty) Ltd
27 September 2017
17h45-18h15 (Registration & cheese ’n wine)
18h15-19h30 presentation
FMF, Block 5 Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston (Off Main Road opposite the Sandton Medi-Clinic)

In a world where cities are now the focal point of most economic activity, where most of the world's population now resides, there is an increased focus on decentralisation and the role of cities driving economic development.


But what of the nature of legislation at the local level, beyond a focus on decentralisation?


The talk will unpack the City of Cape Town's removal of over 300 outdated pieces of legislation and look at new approaches to spatial planning, undertaken in a city-region that has managed to outperform economic growth averages in South Africa. Some of what will be discussed includes:


-           The repeal of local government legislation premised on apartheid spatial planning

-           The challenges of municipal regulations for entrepreneurs building small businesses

-           The reform of outdated spatial planning policies can enable growth, particularly given the levels of informal economic opportunity that exist in our growing cities

-           The importance of trust between investors and municipalities in achieving broad-based economic growth in local communities



Entry fee R50 per person CASH ONLY at door – for cheese, wine, challenging intellectual debate and scintillating company! Media free


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Background: - Garreth Bloor


September 2016 to present

Founder and MD, Glenheim (Pty) Ltd

Venture Capital Fund under management, growing portfolio of investments and global advisory work with high growth businesses

December 2012 to September 2016

Mayoral Executive, City of Cape Town

Headed departments of economic development, spatial planning, environment and tourism

Received nomination to a safe seat in the National Parliament; declined to remain in the city. Elected to public office at age 23, May 2011

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