Paths to Prosperity Lessons for a Six-Pack Solution

Dr Adrian Saville, Founder and Executive Director of Cannon Asset Managers and Professor, GIBS
22 November 2017
17h45-18h15 (Registration & cheese ’n wine)
18h15-19h30 presentation
FMF, Block 5 Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston (Off Main Road opposite the Sandton Medi-Clinic)

A primary aim of development economists is to identify the ingredients responsible for positive, sustained improvements in countries’ economies which, in turn, help lift the social well-being of populations. Examples of countries that have achieved such progress abound. Countries such as South Korea and Singapore saw income/person rise over 10-fold between 1980 and 2015 along with soaring life expectancies, spectacular gains in education levels and equally impressive advances in other developmental indicators. Whilst these Asian Tigers head the list of emerging markets over the last three decades, the group of countries that have achieved substantial gains in recent times is as wide ranging and diverse as Chile, Estonia and Costa Rica.


At first blush, these countries appear to vary widely in their makeup, which begs the question “Do they display any common ingredients that point the way to a path of sustained economic development?”


From researching 120 countries over a period of 50 years, the results point to the existence of six main common elements - the “six-pack”.


We will use these elements to make sense of South Africa’s standing and prospects.


  • 95% of economics is common sense (Ha Joon Change – S Korean economist)
  • The common sense behind the ingredients common to the so-called “economic miracles”
  • Which countries are at the front of the pack? Why and how did they get there?


Entry fee R50 per person CASH ONLY at door – for cheese, wine, challenging intellectual debate and scintillating company! Media free


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Dr Adrian Saville – Founder & Chief Executive, Canon Asset Managers and Professor, GIBS

Adrian’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (cum laude), M.Com (cum laude) and PhD (Economics), which he completed at the University of Natal in 1997 and for which he was awarded the Economics Society of South Africa’s Founders Medal. He is a UNESCO laureate and a matriculant of Linacre College (Oxford). He has completed programmes in value investing and competitive strategy at New York’s Columbia University and Harvard Business School in Boston.


In 1994, while completing his doctorate in economics, Adrian formed an investment vehicle which became the forerunner to Cannon Asset Managers which he founded in 1998. Today Adrian serves as Chief Executive at Cannon Asset Managers.


Adrian has experience in managing all of the major asset classes and has successfully combined teaching and business, having lectured at the University of the Witwatersrand, the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the University of Pretoria, Kelley School of Business and the Estonian Business School. Currently, he holds a Professorship of Economics, Finance & Strategy at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), where he teaches in the fields of macroeconomics, investment finance and competitive strategy. Adrian has received the Excellence in Teaching Award at GIBS each year since 2007 and has presented to global audiences in many destinations, including Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, France, India, Japan, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

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