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Martin van Staden, FMF legal researcher and author of The Constitution and the Rule of Law: An Introduction
27 March 2019
17h45 – 18h15 (Registration & cheese ’n wine)
18h15 – 20h00 (Presentation + Q&A)
Free Market Foundation, Block 5 Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston (opposite Sandton Medi-Clinic)
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Every politician and their dog claims to believe in ‘the Rule of Law’. These lauding statements of support rarely seem to lead to any kind of substantive change in South Africa’s corruption-laden political landscape.

What, then, is going on? What do people mean when they talk about the Rule of Law? What does the Constitution mean when it says South Africa is founded upon “the supremacy of the Constitution and the Rule of Law” in section 1(c)? Is the Rule of Law an abstract jurisprudential concept of interest to academics, or does it have practical significance to ordinary South Africans?

Martin will also discuss some of the topics and themes in his book, including:

  • How Parliament enables corruption in practically everything it does.
  • How the courts have unwittingly (?) endorsed dictatorship.
  • How affirmative action might be constitutionally sound, but not on racial grounds.
  • Why South Africans should pay more attention to institutions, rather than personalities.

This is the official launch of Martin’s book The Constitution and the Rule of Law: An Introduction. Copies will be available at R150 each.


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Martin van Staden has been a legal researcher at the Free Market Foundation since January 2017. He obtained his LL.B. in 2016 and is presently pursuing an LL.M. at the University of Pretoria. His work has been featured on Al Jazeera, eNCA, CNBC Africa, kykNET, 702, Huffington Post, and the attorneys journal De Rebus, among others. Martin is a co-author of Fallism (2017), The Real Digital Divide (2017), and Igniting Liberty (2019). He recently wrote a book about the Rule of Law’s significance to the Constitution of South Africa, The Constitution and the Rule of Law: An Introduction (2019).



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