Mass unemployment - the consequence of brutality masquerading as compassion

Eustace Davie - FMF Director
27 August 2019
17h45 – 18h15 Registration (Registration & snacks ’n wine)
18h15 – 20h00 (Presentation + Q&A)
FMF, Block 5 Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston (Off Main Road opposite the Sandton Medi-Clinic)


  1. Freedom of contract is absent from the labour market

The unemployed are not equal before the law and do not have the right to equal protection and benefit of the law – if they did there would not be more than 10 million of them unemployed.


  1. Protection of the Haves destroys the rights of the Have-nots

As the legal protections and benefits grow of those who have jobs, so the barriers to entry grow that keep the unemployed out – compassion for the employed, brutal exclusion of yet more unemployed.  


  1. The losses and opportunities suffered by the unemployed are enormous

If the currently unemployed were earning R1,000 per month each, their earnings per year would total R122.712 billion (almost twice SA’s 2018 gold earnings) – the loss of production is a huge loss to the SA economy.


  1. The complicity of the “mean-wellers”

The mean-wellers are generally politicians and government officials who mean well but implement disastrous policies – unfortunately they are often aided and abetted by academics who should know better.


  1. Families and unemployment

Unemployment is not only destructive of the lives of the people who are prevented by regulatory barriers from finding jobs. Their families suffer with them. Add them to the 10 million victims.


  1. Opening the job market to the unemployed
    There is a simple solution to the problem of unemployment. The only requirement is for politicians and officials to place the interests of the citizens before their narrow self-interest.


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Eustace Davie is a Director at the Free Market Foundation and the author of Jobs for the Jobless: Special Exemption Certificates for the Unemployed and Unchain the Child: Abolish Compulsory Schooling Laws. He authored several chapters in the FMF’s books Nationalisation and Jobs Jobs Jobs. Eustace authors many of the FMF’s weekly feature articles and is regularly published in local and international media on labour, money, health care and economic issues.



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