The Free Market Foundation plays a crucial role in South Africa. It is a civil society voice that takes up causes that individuals and companies do not have the time or specialised skills to deal with effectively themselves. We promote and foster an open society, the rule of law, personal liberty, and economic and press freedom as fundamental components of our advocacy of human rights and democracy based on classical liberal principles. We apply these fundamental principles in addressing the issues of the day. The FMF argues for observance of the rule of law, equal democratic rights, equality before the law, constitutional protection for all, and a free market in which all South Africans can exploit their own individual talents to the fullest. We argue for respect for the constitution; proper application of the rule of law (which is enshrined in the constitution); high economic growth as the best means of alleviating and reducing poverty, and economic freedom as the best means of achieving an improvement in all aspects of human development.


We call upon all South Africans who subscribe to these principles, that choose economic freedom and respect for private property in preference to socialism/communism and collective property ownership, to support the Foundation. In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation needs the continuing support of its existing members and many more new members wishing to help us enhance economic freedom in South Africa. If you agree with what we are attempting to achieve please join the Foundation and give us your financial support. By joining us, you confirm that you are committed to free market principles and the principles of classical liberalism as advocated by the Free Market Foundation.


Senior corporate members

Contributions by larger companies vary between R50,000 and R100,000 per annum, whilst medium sized companies contribute R25,000 to R50,000 and small companies between R10,000 and R25,000. Senior Corporate members are invited to take an active part in the activities of the Foundation, eg, attending Council and Executive Committee meetings.

Corporate members

Corporate membership subscriptions are fixed on a voluntary basis by members themselves, taking into account the size of their companies and the extent to which they wish to support the disemination of free market ideas.

Corporate members who do not wish to contribute at the Senior Corporate level pay subscriptions varying between the minimum of R500 and R10,000.

Organisation members

The fee for organisations – organised professions, business or labour; other national bodies; policy and research institutes; NGOs and the like – is R300 per annum.

Individual members

The fee for organisations – organised professions, business or labour; other national bodies; policy and research institutes; NGOs and the like – is R300 per annum.

The FMF 200Club has been designed to make it easy for individuals to join the Free Market Foundation. Click here for more.

Once-off support

If you don't want to become a member but wish to provide us with once-off support please click here.


The Foundation is registered for VAT and 14% VAT is payable on all subscriptions.

Tax deductibility

The FMF is a Public benefit organisation (No 930-017-343) registered under section 18(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act, to which companies and individuals can make tax-deductible donations up to a maximum of 10 per cent of their taxable incomes. (South African Supporters)