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Economic Freedom Defined

04 November 2011
George Orwell could not have predicted when he wrote 1984 that his fictional concept of words being mangled by “newspeak” to mean their opposites would ever become a reality. Well, it has, right here in South Africa. Just as he imagined that “freedom” became to mean slavery in his fiction,…

SA’s 50 Year Tradition of Heavy-handed State Intervention Continues

22 September 2011
As the cry goes out for “Economic freedom in our lifetime”, it is crucially important we share a common understanding of the idea. This is not an easy task. Commentators across the ideological spectrum claim the term as their own, or attribute different meanings to the words. Isaiah Berlin, for example,…

The Myth of the Benevolent Dictator

12 Aug 11   FMF Policy Bulletin
There is a real danger that the search for a benevolent dictator may become a development mantra in many countries. Proponents of democracy should take notice and show that democracy is the path for sustainable development, and that there are no substitutes for institutional reforms in seeking growth and development,…

Our symbiotic relationship is a force for unity

03 Mar 11   Temba A Nolutshungu
SA could experience an economic miracle second to none and become the wonderful country that we would all like it to be, if we recognise that our symbiotic relationship is a force for unity. Since 1994, South Africans have fallen into two camps, one for the pessimists who tend to emphasise…