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Current and apartheid land-tenure restrictions compared

07 December 2011
Attorney Gary Moore was recently asked to explain the restriction that current critics of the government’s land policy are talking about when they say that the government in substance imposes on blacks the same land-tenure restrictions as were imposed under apartheid. Mr Moore responded: “We explain this as follows. The government…

Green Paper does not propose real Land Reform

14 October 2011
The Green Paper on Land Reform does not reveal a complete grasp of land-use realities. It fails to address current problems properly. The green paper (issued by the Minister of rural development and land reform in late August) proposes more bureaucracy, administrative invalidations of land titles, and various restrictions on…

Convert all RDP housing to full and unrestricted freehold title

29 Jul 11   Leon Louw
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if black South Africans had equal rights, if they enjoyed the same home ownership rights as whites, if they were emancipated, empowered and trusted, if they were presumed to be the equals of whites and no longer patronised? Wouldn’t we rejoice if racism were ended, not…

Secure tenure rights increase economic returns in African agriculture

09 Jun 11   FMF Policy Bulletin
May I point out one quite extraordinary oversight in the World Economic Forum (WEF) report "Realizing a New Vision for Agriculture" which is that the importance of tenure and property rights is completely ignored. The word "tenure" is mentioned twice, in a single graphic, while property rights receive no mention…