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Property rights now to ensure a better future for all

07 December 2011
For most of human history, life was nasty, brutish and short. If you wanted something from your ‘neighbour’ you simply took it – with force if necessary. With no laws to guard the fruits of your labour or any property that you may have acquired, you lived in constant fear…

Current and apartheid land-tenure restrictions compared

07 December 2011
Attorney Gary Moore was recently asked to explain the restriction that current critics of the government’s land policy are talking about when they say that the government in substance imposes on blacks the same land-tenure restrictions as were imposed under apartheid. Mr Moore responded: “We explain this as follows. The government…

Nationalisation is Not the Path to Justice for All

09 Nov 11   Temba A Nolutshungu
For the first 19 years of its existence, the Free Market Foundation (FMF) argued, cajoled and pleaded for the total dismantling of the apartheid system and the establishment of true democracy in South Africa, with universal suffrage and a constitution that would highlight the principle of limited government, so…

Economic Freedom Defined

04 Nov 11   Leon Louw
George Orwell could not have predicted when he wrote 1984 that his fictional concept of words being mangled by “newspeak” to mean their opposites would ever become a reality. Well, it has, right here in South Africa. Just as he imagined that “freedom” became to mean slavery in his fiction,…

Green Paper does not propose real Land Reform

14 Oct 11  
The Green Paper on Land Reform does not reveal a complete grasp of land-use realities. It fails to address current problems properly. The green paper (issued by the Minister of rural development and land reform in late August) proposes more bureaucracy, administrative invalidations of land titles, and various restrictions on…

Nationalisation: Will ANC researchers take note of the experience of their African brethren?

07 Jul 11   Jasson Urbach
According to a recent IOL news piece, “Zambia’s Banda says copper windfall tax is ‘bad business’", Zambian President Rupiah Banda has “ruled out windfall taxes for mining companies enjoying record copper prices, saying that changing the rules for foreign investors was plain bad business”. South African authorities can take a…

Secure tenure rights increase economic returns in African agriculture

09 Jun 11   FMF Policy Bulletin
May I point out one quite extraordinary oversight in the World Economic Forum (WEF) report "Realizing a New Vision for Agriculture" which is that the importance of tenure and property rights is completely ignored. The word "tenure" is mentioned twice, in a single graphic, while property rights receive no mention…

Let liberty reign

19 May 11   Eustace Davie
The world has never known true liberty; those conditions under which individual freedom prevails, described by Friedrich Hayek as “a state in which each can use his knowledge for his purposes”. Hayek’s definition of freedom may appear simple but it has profound implications. Where, on earth, can individuals use their knowledge…

Nationalisation talk sees property rights jitters

07 Apr 11   FMF Policy Bulletin
Talk of mine nationalisation and slow legal processes were the main factors causing SA to slip from 24th place to 32nd in the 2011 International Property Rights Index. On Tuesday, the Property Rights Alliance, an international organisation, released its fifth annual index measuring nations' abilities to protect physical and intellectual property…

Economic Freedom in India

07 Apr 11   FMF Policy Bulletin
While economic freedom can be only one of many factors that influence economic growth, the big picture emerging from data from a study in India is that, largely, states with increasing freedom are growing faster, and those with worsening freedom are growing slower, says Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar, a research…

Honduras Will Create Model Cities Based on Free Market

02 Mar 11   FMF Policy Bulletin
The Honduran Congress is expected to soon pass an amendment to the constitution that would clear the way to put "model cities" based on free market principles into action, says the Wall Street Journal. The idea is simple:   A sizable piece of unpopulated government land is designated for use as a model…