Biased broadcasting on global warming

Fox News recently broadcast a special on global warming, but pandered to climate alarmists while ignoring other viewpoints, says CNS News writer Marc Morano.

The special, which aired on November 11, featured environmental activists Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Laurie David of the Natural Resources Defence Council. The documentary ignored scientific sceptics who believe that human activity is not responsible for catastrophic climate change.

According to climatologist Patrick J. Michaels:

  • There have been three warming periods over the past 2,000 years in which Alaska was as warm as it is now.

  • Based on historical warming trends and the behaviour of computer models, future foreseeable warming will be modest.

  • Contrary to the belief that sea levels will rise, Antarctica is actually gaining ice, which will lower sea levels over time.

    Additionally, Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute notes that the Arctic was actually warmer in 1930 than it is today. Today's warming trends are not particularly unique or alarming. In fact, climate cycles are "moderate, natural and solar linked," he says.

    Source: Marc Morano, 'The Heat is On' Fox News for 'Global Warming' Special,, November 15, 2005.

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    FMF Policy Bulletin/ 06 December 2005
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