Czech president unveils new book

His Excellency Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, released his new book, "On the Road to Democracy: The Czech Republic from Communism to Free Society," recently at a news conference in Dallas, Texas. The book was edited by National Centre for Policy Analysis President John C. Goodman.

President Klaus's book concentrates on the impact of the Czech Republic's free-market reforms and examines lessons learned during the transition from Soviet domination to democracy.

  • "This book is a remarkable collection of essays written during arguably the most remarkable decade of the 20th century," said Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker. "President Klaus was both a leading economic thinker and practitioner during the transformation from communism to free markets."

  • Another Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman said, "Václav Klaus is that rare politician who has a deep understanding of and belief in the principles of a free private enterprise economy."

  • "President Klaus's administration has benefited people and markets on both sides of the Atlantic," said NCPA Board Chairman Pete du Pont.

  • "These essays are a blueprint for democracy and economic freedom for former Soviet states, and they are lessons that leaders in other developing countries would be wise to follow," added John C. Goodman.

    A highly awarded politician and economist, Václav Klaus has received 16 honorary doctorates in nine countries; 19 international awards and has published over 20 books. He is also currently serving as an NCPA Distinguished Leader.

    Source: Václav Klaus, On the Road to Democracy: The Czech Republic from Communism To Free Society, National Centre for Policy Analysis, March 7, 2005.

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