Declining satisfaction with British National Health Service

The public's satisfaction with Great Britain's National Health Service, usually surprisingly buoyant even in the face of cuts and shortages, has plunged in the past two years, a new Mori poll conducted on 2,000 adults for the British Medical Association says.

  • The number of people satisfied with the health service is now 58 percent compared with 72 percent in 1998.

  • The proportion of people who were "very satisfied" fell from 24 percent in January 1998 to 13 percent last month, and the proportion who were "fairly satisfied" fell from 48 percent to 45 percent.

  • The proportion who were "very dissatisfied" or "fairly dissatisfied" rose from 17 percent to 28 percent.

    Source: Annabel Ferriman, "Public's satisfaction with the NHS declines," British Medical Journal, December 16, 2000.

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