Doing business, Singapore style – Globe Asia – September 2013

In this article Professor Steve Hanke describes the considerable influence the World Bank’s Doing Business report is having. While the political leaders of some countries are intent on making changes that will improve their country rankings, others don’t like being evaluated and want to see the report either drop its comparative nature or scrapped altogether. Not surprisingly, Singapore politicians are very pleased to have the report record that their policies are producing superior results as described in Hanke’s paper.    

“The Doing Business report”, he says, “ represents one of the few uniform, objective metrics available for measuring the ease of doing business across 183 countries. Indeed, in 2005, when asked what I thought then-newly-appointed World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz should do on his first day, I said his first stop should be at the office of the Doing Business report staff. Click below to read the full story...

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