FMF NEWSLETTER 04 June 2020   
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To all our supporters, members, friends, and the South African public, please take all necessary steps to remain safe and healthy in these very difficult times. 

The FMF has been hard at work researching the impact of the lockdown, especially the impact of regulations on poorer South Africans.

To read all of the FMF's work on the COVID-19 lockdown thus far, click here.
New FMF article  

Racialism in law is incompatible with the Rule of Law – JACQUES JONKER

The Rule of Law was mostly absent during Apartheid when a system of parliamentary supremacy elevated the state's effectively absolute power above all else. It was this disregard for the Rule of Law that enabled the National Party to commit racist crimes against humanity. The transition to a constitutionally supreme democracy, however, ensured that the supremacy of the Rule of Law is enshrined in the 1996 Constitution as a founding value, and is supreme along with the Constitution itself.

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Latest FMF event video   

A horrible budget in horrible times  Dawie Roodt

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The de-industrialisation of the world - A conversation with Johan Norberg
2020 World No Freedom Day - A conversation with Leon Louw
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Solve the education crisis; free the market - A conversation with James Urdang

FMF in the media  

FMF CEO Statement  On the declaration of the illegality of lockdown regulations
Media release – Signs that cigarette ban may last to level 1; it should be reversed immediately

FMF onderhoud op RSG – Die herstrukturering van die Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens – Leon Louw, FMF CEO
FMF interview on TechCentral – SA lockdown & telecommunications sector – Leon Louw
FMF interview on SAFM – Focus on the economy – Leon Louw

FMF articles & letters
A plea to free everyone and end lockdown – Eustace Davie
Letter: David Rakgase’s farm victory good news – Chris Hattingh

FMF video, in partnership with Atlas Network – Khaya Lam  Upward Globility: Whose land is it anyway? | South Africa
Media Digest & Cuttings May 2020 for all media coverage

Worth readings  

Feeding poor people: The national government has failed
Treasury now estimates nearly 1.8 million job losses
Draft plan for SAA rescue requires R21bn
Pandemic policy in one page
8 Big-Government policies that hurt the poor


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